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Master Chips distributes Monnit Sensors, Gateways & Platform

Submitted by Yves on Fri, 11/09/2018 - 16:07
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Monnit finally available in Belgium: measuring equipment at a low cost.

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The American Monnit is currently expanding its network in Europe. With Master Chips it found a distributor in Belgium who wants to offer this product range with great pleasure. Whether for individuals, small, medium or large companies, the range of measuring devices from Monnit can be used by everyone.

What is offered?
Monnit offers measuring equipment that can be used to measure all sorts of things. This goes from the temperature or humidity in the house, water detection (both presence of water, height and leaks in tubes) to the opening of a door or the detection of movement within a certain range of the sensor. All possible measurements can be found on the image. Moreover, it is possible to visualize all collected data via the IMonnit portal, or to set up notifications if unexpected events occur. For example, if desired, a mail or SMS can be sent if the temperature of a certain meter exceeds 20 °, or if water is detected at a certain location. For those who want to integrate data into their own portal, this is possible by integrating CSV files or communicating via APIs.

Why choose Monnit?
With many years of experience in the American market, Monnit is regarded as the leader in the low cost monitoring segment. But, despite the relatively low cost, it offers very good quality. For example, the industrial meters have a lifespan of 10 years and they also consume very little energy, so that the battery also has a long lifespan. In addition, the small sensors have a large range. Each sensor may be located up to 300m away from the corresponding gateway to send a signal. This regardless of walls (max + - 10 walls). Moreover, it is plug-and-play thanks to the supplied ready-to-use portal. Within a few minutes you could register the various devices, set up alerts, and then fix the sensors on strategic places. On the portal it is possible to load a plan of the terrain, and assign each sensor on the plan at the place where it is actually placed. This in both 2D and 3D.

Whether it is to register the presence of water in a server room, to measure the temperature of a refrigerator or to detect a door that has been left open, Monnit can answer many questions from both private and professional customers through its more than 50 sensors.

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